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You're the healthcare heroes standing on
the frontlines of Coronavirus.
We're the resilience experts standing right behind you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of your ability to endure the demands of this pandemic?

Do you struggle being focused at work and then find it hard to restore once you're off?

Are you conflicted about your obligation as a doctor and protecting your own health and those you love?

How are you coping?

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Stress EMS is a volunteer collective of Leadership and Executive Coaches, Positive Psychologists, and Stress Experts. We're dedicating free, 25 minute coaching calls to help your critical frontline healthcare workforce stay resilient, hopeful, and in command.

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Speaking with us will help you:

  • Process the intensity you're experiencing with a trained listener in a confidential space
  • Strengthen your mindset so you can stay focused & positive, and feel fortified
  • Learn simple techniques you can use at any given moment, and with your teams, to reduce stress and perform under pressure
  • Create personalized action steps to take right now to feel more in control

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Easily connect to a live professional. 100% Confidential. 100% Free.
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Who We Are
We've curated a top tier volunteer team of seasoned Executive Coaches and Positive Psychologists. And growing by the day.
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Meghan Kuhn
Co-Founder, Stress EMS
Founder, Priizm | Coach | 15 yrs in Talent Management
Stella Grizont
Co-Founder, Stress EMS
Positive Psychology Expert & Founder, WOOPAAH
"We created StressEMS in response to the uniquely overwhelming and time-sensitive challenges of COVID-19 on our frontline healthcare heroes. We know how critical it is that they stay strong, resilient, and focused for their patients, families, and themselves. We've gathered TOP professionals, developed a SIMPLE process, in a SHORT-format, for a FREE and confidential call to offer relief and support. It would be our honor to support this community's selfless dedication to humanity"
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Stress EMS was created for you during this unique moment in human history. Sponsored by Priizm, WOOPAAH and a corp of professional volunteers bringing specialized expertise in Positive Psychology, Executive Coaching & Leadership Training, Well-being, Stress Management, Peak Performance, and Behavior Design, to name a few.

100% Confidential. 100% Free.